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Best 7 Backlink Analysis Tools for SEO Agencies In 2021

If you are the expert SEO agency you claim, you should know how to get quality backlinks to optimize your website. Indeed, effective backlinks are great tools to improve a web page rank and remain consistent in every significant search result.

As an SEO agency, you have a lot on your shoulders as your client would be earnestly expecting to see their website on the first page of major search engines, and through that, receive massive traffic daily. Of course, that is not going to happen overnight, but getting quality backlinks from reputable complementary websites can make the result faster.

An SEO agency can get quality backlinks is to finding as many competitors as possible and checking out from which website they are getting their backlinks. SEO tools can help you quickly find out what backlinks the competitors have and even give you a detailed analysis of how the entire process works.

Some of those backlink analysis tools are free, and there are also paid options to help you check the backlinks on competitors’ websites. Here are the best seven backlink checker tools:

Meanwhile, It is not enough to only build backlinks for websites; it is your responsibility as an SEO agency to ensure the website you are handling is free of harmful links. The following backlink tools will help you with the right information needed to get a comprehensive backlink analysis.

1. CognitiveSEO

CognitiveSEO is one of the most efficient tools that Top SEO Marketing agencies need to optimize web pages. This SEO tool is not on the top spot of this list for nothing; the massive results it brings make it one of the most sought-after when it comes to building backlinks.

CognitiveSEO has exceptional capabilities for on-page optimization, and its backlinks analysis is superb. This SEO tool aggregates backlink from different link databases and then collates the data into a detailed backlink audit. SEO agencies can use its built-in Site Explorer to inspect and get real-time data from a website’s backlink profile.

CognitiveSEO works best for Backlinks Analysis, Backlink Audit, and On-page Optimization.

2. Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO is one of the most credible backlink analysis tools for seasoned and beginner SEO agencies. This tool has become a name that quickly comes to mind when it comes to gathering backlinks data.

Not only that, but Majestic SEO also allows SEO agencies to dive into any website to check out the link opportunities and determine the quality of a website’s backlink portfolio.  Also, It features efficient browser plugins, which makes it easy for you as an SEO agency to get detailed backlinks analysis on a website.

Majestic SEO works best for Backlinks Analysis, Backlink Audit, and Website Analytics

3. Linkody

If you want to track your backlink-building campaigns, Linkody is the right tool for you.  Linkody is one of the essential tools that expert SEO agencies use to get comprehensive backlink analysis that is helpful for the SEO project. learn more about linkody by clicking here

This tool is programmed to give you notifications when you gain or lose backlinks. However, it has more power in analyzing link profiles and also identifying the wrong links to remove.  Linkody features a dashboard that displays the progress of your backlink-building efforts. It also shows vital metrics such as Trust Flow, Domain Authority, and Citation Flow

Linkody works best for Link Analytics, Competitor Analysis, and Reporting.

4. Check My Links

One of the things that can make backlinks analysis somewhat complicated is when the website you are working on has thousands of backlinks. However, Check My Links has everything under control. This tool is a browser extension that enables SEO agencies to crawl any webpage to identify broken links. This backlink analysis tool highlights links that are performing excellently and the ones that need to go.

Check My links work perfectly in checking and building backlinks to improve a website’s visibility on search results. Check My Links is mainly used for Link Analytics and Backlink Checker.

5. Ahrefs

When you register a free account with Ahrefs, as an SEO agency, you will get a comprehensive and competitive analysis of your backlinks. The analysis will include where they come from, how many you have, the anchor text used, and the likes.

If you prefer signing up for a paid account, that will be a lot of advantage for you. That way, you will get a more detailed analysis and track the progress as you continue your SEO efforts. Of course, you can get all the information for any competitor’s website, and you can always use it to compare your SEO progress to know the different areas you need to improve.

6. Open Site Explorer

Moz is among the giants that every expert in the search marketing world likes to have very close to them. As if that is not enough, Open Site Explorer is one of the best backlink analysis tools available in the market. This tool gives you the number of backlinks for a website, and it provides essential information such as the page authority, the newest links, domain authority, and the spam score.

Meanwhile, Free searches are not recommended for SEO agencies as it only provides so much information. Instead, it is better to get the paid account as it can allow you to run track links over time and get unlimited reports.

7. Google Search Console

The Google Search Console is also among the Webmaster Tools that SEO agencies can benefit from the search giant. Under the Google Search Console, go to “Links to Your Site” in the “Search Traffic” section. Under this section, you will see the total number of backlinks to the website you are working on, the web content that has the highest links, the websites that provide the highest number of backlinks, and all the anchor text used.

Google Search Console is useful for checking backlinks on the website you are working on. However, this tool is an essential resource that provides up-to-date information from the source.

Final Words

Backlinks are remarkable evidence that your given website is soaring higher on major search engines are that you the website is gaining more visibility in many competitors’ site. The above-listed backlinks analysis tools are the best you can get in the present market. However, you need to know the areas where each of them c=can perform better before deciding on which to use.

Best 6 SEO Monitoring Tools for SEO Agencies In 2021

Have you ever heard about a “sudden Google algorithm update”? Well, as an SEO agency, I expect you to have heard many other silly things that marketers say to make themselves complacent, making them equally confused and concerned.

Because of that inadequate mindset, many SEO agencies tend to become complacent, thinking Google will do everything automatically. On the contrary, SEO agencies will have to be deliberate about monitoring the progress of the SEO practices to ensure success.

In reality, SEO requires hard work. As an SEO agency, you need to put in a lot of time to put every right peg in the right hole. Let me be the one to tell you that search engines give you results based on the SEO efforts you have invested.

Sometimes, It may seem as though every major search engine like Google would wait until you get all your geese in a row only to unleash an update that could make your SEO efforts instantly obsolete.

In addition, there are some secrets behind how Google evaluates web pages and determines which website will appear on search results and how they remain on significant search engine results pages for different queries. learn more about it at

Here is the good news, I have compiled a list of some tested and trusted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools out there that can help you see your site the way some major search engines like Google will view it. That way, you have the platform to improve your given site’s ranking for target keywords.

In this detailed article, you will unveil the six most credible SEO monitoring tools.

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console is an SEO tool that every SEO agency cannot undermine. As matter of fact, no other tool beats the reputable favorite of expert SEO agencies and web admins – Google Search Console.

Google Search Console is a high-functioning SEO monitoring tool that allows SEO agencies to work effectively and see more than the expected performance of a website. Not only that, it teaches you how Google works and will enable you to understand how Google views the website on search results.

Google Search Console provides all the essential metrics to monitor a site’s performance, allowing you to adjust your SEO efforts. One of the features of this tool is that it will enable users to integrate Search Console into Google Data Studio for more detailed reporting.

Google Search console is best used for SEO Monitoring, CTR Optimization, and Search Performance Analysis.

2. Ahrefs Site Explorer

One of the unique features that separate Ahrefs Site Explorer from other SEO tools is that it comes with a vast capability to dive deeper into any given site’s organic performance. Ahrefs Site Explorer tool also offers the precise metrics that matter the most, from organic traffic to backlinks. With that feature, you can see how your client’s website performs, scope the competition, and dissect any site’s backlink profile. Ahrefs Site Explorer gives you enough data to plan that can be very helpful for your next SEO project.

Ahrefs Site Explorer is vest used for SEO Monitoring, Keyword Research, Backlink Analysis, Website Analytics, and Competitor Analysis

3. WebCEO

If you want a complete SEO toolbox that can ideally monitor all your SEO practices, WebCEO is among the best solutions you can get in the present market. This SEO Monitoring tool provides access to 17 (and some bonus) online SEO tools that can aid the quick processing of all your deliverables. More importantly, it gives you an eagle view for SEO monitoring, which you need as an SEO agency.  One of its most common features is that it allows you to share access and projects with other users. And with that incredible feature, it is considered the ultimate concerted SEO monitoring tool for SEO agencies and expert digital marketers.

WebCEO works for SEO, Site Audits, Link Analysis and Marketing Analytics.

4. Moz Pro Tools

As one of the best tools in the SEO world, Moz has become a companion for every top SEO agency over the years. As an SEO agency, Moz Pro gives you all the crucial tools you need to manage all your SEO campaigns, including on-page website optimization, rank tracking, link building, audits, and reporting.  However, that is not all the goodies you will enjoy using Moz Pro – there are many more to count.

Another essential aspect that makes this SEO tool a favorite among SEO agencies is the wealth of resources to aid SEO and inbound marketing strategies. That is why it is more potent in increasing site rankings, traffic, and leads.

MOZ Pro Tools works best for SEO, Brand Management, and Marketing, and Web Analytics.

5. SEMRush

When you, being an SEO agency, needs a quick look at a site’s health, you can rely on the capabilities of SEMRush to monitor your SEO practices ideally without a flop. This SEO tool provides you with detailed insights into a site’s SEO performance regarding keywords, backlinks, traffic, and paid ads. It is the best SEO monitoring tool to help you close any gaps in your SEO projects. Click here to check the features and price of SEMRush.

SEMRush works best for SEO, Keyword Research, Marketing, Web Analytics, and Backlinks Analysis.

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics has a free and paid version. Meanwhile, the free version can effectively help you manage your site’s SEO even as much as the paid version. You will have a strong confirmation for that if you have once attempted to pair it with Google Search Console. Doing that, you will centrally position and compile all of your site’s SEO data, using queries to identify the different areas you need to improve regarding target keywords and content phrases you want the given website to rank for.

You can also use Google Analytics to improve your SEO in the following ways:

  • Removing spam traffic or filtering referral traffic to get rid of fake referrers that bring fake traffic to your client’s website
  • Comparing organic and non-organic site traffic
  • Identifying the web pages that receive the most traffic to understand what you need to do to improve SEO on those pages
  • Using Site Content Reports to understand engagement metrics on each page

Final Words

Your work as an SEO agency can improve if you know the best tools to help you solve all your SEO problems with ease. The above SEO monitoring tools are the best available tools that can help you achieve sustainable results.

Hiring and Keeping the Best People

The success of your business depends on your employees. You count on them to take care of your customers, to keep your business operations running smoothly, and to represent your company in a positive manner. So how do you hire and keep the best people? Here are 7 tips.

Look in the right places

Figure out where the best people for the specific job go to look for work. If you’re trying to fill a customer service position, you may do well with Craig’s List or a state job board. However, if you’re looking for talented professionals such as engineers, doctors, attorneys, or business executives, you might need to hire a recruiter.

Research salary

Before listing a job opening, research the average salary for your area. Then, offer a salary that’s higher. The best people like SEO experts expect to be paid what they’re worth, so if you want them to accept a job with you, you need to be ready to pay.

Find other means of compensation

Studies show that many employees are less impressed with wage increases and happier with other benefits such as paid time off, on-site child care, bonuses, or extras such as gym memberships. The more attractive your company’s perks, the more likely you are to attract and retain top talent.

Don’t let one bad egg spoil the bunch

It eventually happens in every company: one employee drives the rest of them crazy. If you’ve got someone on your team who refuses to pull his weight or is consistently rude or mean to co-workers, get rid of him. Employees report that one reason they quit is that co-workers are making their jobs unpleasant. Don’t lose good people because of one person’s bad behavior.

Hiring and Keeping the Best People

Say thank you

Don’t take your best people for granted; say thank you on a regular basis. Remind them how happy you are with their work and that you’re glad they are with your company. When employees feel appreciated, they’re happy and content. When they don’t, and a recruiter calls…they’re more open to looking around.

Ignore the resume

Unless the job position legally requires education, take resumes with a grain of salt. It can be very difficult to accurately assess someone based on job history. Instead, ask for samples of the person’s work or get solid references. Be willing to take chances on someone who has the basic skills needed but no experience—these are often your best employees because you can teach them the “right” way to do things and they bring a fresh, new perspective to your business.

Ask employees for referrals

Your employees have connections to the best people in related fields. Ask them if they know anyone who’s looking for work and who they would recommend. People won’t go out of their way to refer past co-workers that weren’t great at their jobs.

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